A community coming together!

There is a total of 35 community planters throughout the city: 21 are downtown, 12 on the corners of Main Street and 1st Avenue, and 2 at the Depot/Chamber office. In the early spring, volunteers fill the planters with fresh dirt, plant flowers into inserts, and then move the inserts into the planters located throughout the city. Flowers are watered three times a week by the City of Clarion. Flowers are also watered as needed by business owners who have a planter near their location. At the end of summer/early fall, business owners with a planter near their storefront purchase, place, and care for mums until late fall. In late fall/early winter, winter evergreen assortments are placed into the 23 planters throughout downtown and at the Depot. At the end of winter, the inserts are removed from the planters and moved to the greenhouse to prepare for spring planting.
The Community Planters are a project that continues to make the City of Clarion look more vibrant and welcoming to residents and visitors alike. It adds a colorful touch to our downtown area.
Currently, the Community Planters are maintained by the Clarion Chamber through membership dues and help of the Hotel/Motel Tax Grants. The four large planters on the four corners of Main St and 1st Ave were donated by Larry Guth, Marilyn Mechem, First State Bank, and First Citizens Bank.

Additional Information:

Over the years, there has been some research into what flowers work best for this project. Determined through a trial and error process for the first 2 years, we’ve found flowers that are the most heat and water tolerant. The wave petunia in a bright pink/purple color were chosen for their hardiness and showy color. Fall mums were added a couple of years ago in order to maintain the color throughout the fall season, and the greens and ribbons were added about 6 years ago to carry out the festive and wintry look as well.

Again, this project is a community effort that helps make our city vibrant!